Does CBD Negatively Impact Your Ability to Drive

can cbd impact your driving ability

If you’re worried that CBD will negatively impact your ability to drive your car, you’re not alone. As more and more people are getting into trouble for driving while under the influence of marijuana, we’ve become more aware that it’s not just drunk driving we have to worry about.

It’s common knowledge that while CBD isn’t marijuana, marijuana is a key ingredient in CBD products. It’s natural to assume that since being heavily under the influence of marijuana can get us arrested for DUI, CBD could too.

You’ll be pleased to know that CBD doesn’t impact your ability to safely operate a vehicle.

One of the main reasons CBD became so popular is because you can use a great deal of it, as much as you need, and never have to worry about it intoxicating you. Even full-spectrum CBD, which is derived from natural plant components and carries trace amounts of TBH, doesn’t have enough TBH to impair your ability to drive.

The great thing about the 2018 Farm Bill was that in addition to making CBD legal on a federal level, it also created the legal speak needed to reassure everyone that since CBD can’t contain more than 0.3% of THC, it’s impossible to use enough CBD to get high enough that you’re no longer able to drive safely.

This is extremely good news for everyone who uses CBD, but especially for those who use CBD to help them cope with the anxiety connected to their daily commute. Since they can’t use the CBD to get, they’re free to use it, even in the middle of a drive, to ease the anxiety and frustration that can be triggered while you’re driving.

Once the CBD has a chance to ease your worries, you’ll find that you actually drive better than before you took the CBD since now you’re able to focus all of your energy on arriving safely to your destination.