Five Success Stories in Medical Cannabis

History of Cannabis as a Medicine

Dr. Jacob Mirman is the Medical Director at Life Medical and also a doctor of internal medicine. He specializes in the following areas:

  • Medical Marijuana
  • Integrative medicine
  • Homeopathic medicine
  • Neuro research protocol/nutritional supplements

Dr. Mirman enjoys treating patients who come to him to be certified in medicinal cannabis (marijuana). He has been thanked profusely and blessed by patients who have been very satisfied with the wide range of issues that medical marijuana can help.

In his opinion, medical marijuana (cannabis) is the best pain medication of pain medication available today either prescription or over the counter. He believes that it is much safer than opioids, and even safer than over-the-counter drugs like Ibuprofen (Advil) and Tylenol.

“Not only can cannabis be incredibly effective,” says Dr. Mirman, “there are few if any side effects and no risk of overdose. I feel so strongly about this that I recently sent an email to the Minnesota Department of Health telling them that in all my years of practicing medicine I have never seen a drug that has such a remarkable effect on patients with almost zero side effects.”

Cannabis is made by a state-approved pharmaceutical lab and prescribed by a pharmacist. It comes in a variety of forms including pills, oil or as an inhaled form used with a vaporizer. People respond differently to each formulation. Patients work with the pharmacist to find the best form for their situation. There are eight dispensaries in the state of Minnesota run by two different companies.

In the last few months, Dr. Mirman has had more patients than ever come to Life Medical to be certified for medical cannabis, and many of these certified patients have returned for follow ups. Patients call and tell us how happy they are to have found us to use for their certification.

The success stories involving medical marijuana are nothing short of inspiring.


Dr. Mirman has a patient who is a 73-year-old woman who was certified for medical cannabis because she had fibromyalgia, neck pain, back pain, headaches, and general chronic pain. She is now on cannabis and as a result said she is much more able to relax and was happy to be experiencing a great reduction in her level of pain, including a much better sense of general well-being.


A 53-year-old man who was experiencing fibromyalgia, and chronic pain from multiple injuries came in to see Dr. Mirman. When he first met the patient, he was taking an opiate called Oxycodone five times a day and he was also taking Naproxen which is a fairly dangerous drug. These drugs were not rid him of pain and had also lowered his testosterone to a problematic level. He started with medical marijuana in August and by October he was completely off all of his prescription pain medications. His pain level is now manageable, his testosterone level is back up to normal and he has not experienced any side effects from the cannabis. For him, this has been a completely life-changing treatment. And his success seems to be the norm vs. the exception.


A woman in her 30s with Tourette’s syndrome came in for her annual medical marijuana re-certification. Her condition was unmistakable at first glance. She had constant ticks and grunts, and was very tense trying to control her mind in order to remain civil.

This condition causes ticks, jerks, and a strong desire to swear in the foulest way: not very acceptable in public. Well, she is now on cannabis and doing great. The tension is way down. She sat calmly during the appointment and said how medical cannabis changed her life. This woman has had life-changing results using cannabis for Tourette ’s syndrome.


Cannabis often works better than pharmaceutical drugs to stop seizures, and for most people, it has far fewer side effects than conventionally-prescribed drugs. Since Dr. Mirman started certifying patients for medical cannabis, he’s seen a few children with epilepsy respond better to cannabis than to conventional drugs.

One of the children that he treated for epilepsy using cannabis was an 11-year-old girl.

This child was adopted and her epilepsy was due to a neonatal withdrawal syndrome from maternal use of drugs during pregnancy. The little girl had a long history of bad behavior and was performing poorly in school. The girl’s mother came to see Dr. Mirman for an appointment because she wanted to try cannabis as an alternative to the drugs her daughter had been given by the neurologist.

After starting on cannabis, the child is very much improved and can now actually concentrate much better at school.  Because of this, her reading and writing is vastly improved.  The girl’s anxiety level has been greatly reduced and the “fight or flight symptoms” that she was experiencing have disappeared. Her balance is also much improved; so much so that she can now walk on the balance beam in her gymnastics program without fear. She has been able to stop all of her conventional sedative medications.


A 31 year old male patient came to see Dr. Mirman with injury pains he had from a disc herniation in the lower back and sciatica symptoms. He has had injections, physical therapy, the whole gamut of treatments. In August he started on cannabis and Dr. Mirman did a follow-up appointment in November. The patient reported that the cannabis has reduced his pain from a 9 out of 10 when he originally came in to Life Medical, to a 2 out of 10 currently. He is taking some cannabis for long-term effects and also takes a puff on an e-cigarette for breakthrough pain for immediate relief. The patient was able to stop his medications for pain which included: hydrocodone and tramadol (narcotics), ketorolac which is an anti-inflammatory, and gabapentin.