CBD and Substance Abuse Treatment

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One of the exciting things about CBD is the value it has in substance abuse treatment.

CBD is beneficial for substance abuse treatments because, unlike other options that seem to replace one addiction with another, CBD is non-addictive. So when people want to see if they can get through the day without CBD, they will have no problem removing it from their daily routine.

A study was conducted in 2016 that included the participation of 31 adults. The study aimed to explore the differences between CBD and THC (which is found in marijuana). The study revealed that the participants who used THC experienced physical and psychological reactions. The reported reactions include an increased heart rate and euphoric feelings.

Participants who used CBD maintained a steady heart rate, healthy blood pressure levels and reported no changes in cognitive function.

The second reason CBD is a good choice for substance abuse treatment is that it’s a harmless way to help ease the anxiety and stress that goes along with weaning yourself off the alcohol or drugs you were using. Why is this important? Because in many cases, the anxiety, depression, and sheer stress of withdrawal have been so bad that people gave up on the idea of treatment almost as soon as they started a program.

The interesting thing about CBD is that multiple large doses aren’t usually necessary when being used to assist with substance abuse treatment. Individuals who have used it in conjunction with opioid addiction recovery reported that a single large dose of CBD was enough to ease their cravings and withdrawal-related anxiety, as well as some pain connected to withdrawal for a full week.

What works for one substance abuse addiction doesn’t work for another. While CBD is useful for assisting with recovery from cocaine addiction, the same single large dose of CBD used for opioid addiction wasn’t sufficient.

While CBD appears to be a very useful tool in aiding with substance abuse addiction, it’s important to realize that it’s only a tool. Using CBD for a few days won’t instantly cure an addiction. What CBD does is help the individual manage the anxiety, cravings, and pain connected to recovery. They will require therapy to understand the root of their addiction disorder.