Safeguarding Your Medical Cannabis

Secure Storage Practices to Protect Children and Non-Patients

As a medical cannabis patient, it’s essential to store your medication securely to prevent accidental access by children and non-patients. By following these guidelines, you can help ensure the safety of those around you and promote responsible cannabis use.

Choose a secure storage location:

Select a storage location that is out of sight and reach of children or non-patients. Consider choosing a high shelf, locked cabinet, or another area that is not easily accessible.


Use child-resistant containers:

Store your medical cannabis in child-resistant containers to minimize the risk of accidental ingestion. Many dispensaries provide such containers when you purchase your medication, but you can also find them in pharmacies or online.


Label your containers:

Clearly label all containers containing medical cannabis with a warning, such as “For Medical Use Only” or “Keep Out of Reach of Children.” This helps to remind others that the contents are intended for specific use and can be dangerous if misused.


Separate different forms of medical cannabis:

Separate various forms of medical cannabis (e.g., flowers, edibles, oils) and store them in individual containers. This helps prevent confusion and ensures that each product is used appropriately.


Keep cannabis products in their original packaging:

Whenever possible, keep your medical cannabis products in their original packaging. This helps you and others identify the contents and provide crucial information, such as dosing instructions and potential side effects.


Educate your family:

Talk to your family members, particularly children, about the importance of staying away from your medical cannabis. Explain that it is a medication intended for your use only and can be harmful to others.


Invest in a lockable storage box:

Consider investing in a lockable storage box or safe designed specifically for medical cannabis. This adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that your medication remains inaccessible to children or non-patients.


Regularly check your storage area:

Regularly inspect your storage area to ensure that it remains secure and your medical cannabis is stored safely. Make any necessary adjustments to improve security or prevent access by children or non-patients.


Dispose of unused or expired cannabis products:

Dispose of any unused or expired medical cannabis products safely and securely. Follow local guidelines for disposal or contact your dispensary for advice on proper disposal methods.

Protecting your loved ones from accidental exposure to medical cannabis is a priority. By following these guidelines, you can help ensure the safety of children and non-patients while responsibly managing your medication. If you have questions or concerns about safe storage practices, please contact us or visit Three Foot Wellness Dispensary for assistance.